Ideas for Nature Walks:

  • A picnic walk (everyone carries a small part of the final picnic).
  • Visit a local, organic farm.
  • On a hike: take care of your Second Body/Buddy. Include regular energy “checks” (Is your heart beating fast? Then, rest.)
  • Storytelling Walk.  Maybe a Guest Storyteller stops regularly to tell the story in sections.  Or one long stop to tell the whole story.  Or the kids tell stories they’ve prepared.
  • Collecting Walks.  Walk and collect special things from nature for the Nature Table, for a Poster, for Card Making or Stone Painting.
  • Partner walk.  One person leads the other who has their eyes shut, then switch who leads and who is being lead. (Have them pay attention to light and shadow, and awareness of directions, up and downhill, etc.)
  • All standing still, shut your eyes and open your ears. What do you hear? Later, reproduce the sounds heard.  Cars going by, cow, cock crow, bees, birds, voices, wind, etc.
  • Eyes shut, a partner leads you to touch a natural object. Explore it with eyes closed.
  • Walk barefoot and pay attention to the soles of your feet and their contact with the earth. This is a fun way to introduce walking meditation.
  • Cloud Meditation: Lie back on Earth and look at clouds.  Use your imagination.  Be inventive, imagine characters, stories.
  • Nature Mandalas:  Go for a walk, sit down and children practice making a mandala or any design using the natural objects around them: rocks, leaves, flowers, grass, dirt.  Take a Gallery Walk when children visit each other’s work of art. Or hold an exhibition with a non-competitive spirit so that all teams/ kids win.
  • Roll down a hill!
  • Observe a pond, then say, write, draw your observations.
  • Tell Nature Stories (trees, bees, birds, animals)
  • Make presentations on endangered species, birds, migrations, the sea, stars, nature.  This can be done by visiting specialists in the community, by a video or by interested kids themselves.

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