Song for Touching the Earth: There’s old Buddha

You can teach the children this song when you teach them about touching the earth. Or anytime. They love it because its participatory (words in parantheses are sung back by children):

There’s old Buddha, sitting under the Bodhi tree (Bodhi Tree)

There’s old Buddha, his mind as quiet as it could be (it could be)

Sittin’ like a wise old frog (frog)

Sittin’ like a bump on a log (log)

Sittin’ with a smile on his face (face)

Kinda like empty space

Doesn’t mind rain, doesn’t mind thunder

What could bother old Buddha I wonder? ____________ (kids suggest something that might bother Buddha)

He wasn’t bothered by _________ (2x)

He let that __________ just roll on by, just roll on by! 

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